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Software Development


We work in the area of software development. Embedded software, apps and internet application software.

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We do consulting in the area of software development and EU founded projects. It can be as a developer or as a manager.

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Wood projects


We have wood in Norway and are working with wood harwesting. We deliver to the norwegian wood industry.

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Flathus Engineering Office

Welcome to Flathus Engineering!

Flathus Engineering is an engineering office placed in Germany by Lübeck. We offer development of software and management of software projects.

Mostly we have been working in the area of embedded software, but we also make homepages. Some customers ask for integrating of special features e.g. like video communication, shop payments and forums connected to their homepage.

We also do development of mobile native apps e.g. for the Android or Apple phones.

We have a good network and can so manage bigger projekts together with excellent partners.

Please take contact soon so we can help you with your projekt.

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Flathus Engineering

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